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So, an unpleasant thing happened – they crashed into you. The first emotions subsided, the understanding came that things were not so bad. One question remains: how to proceed further in order to receive payments from the insurance company, and most importantly, how quickly can you count on compensation?

There are many pitfalls in receiving OSAGO insurance payments, starting with the deadlines for filing and ending with a set of documents

There are many pitfalls in receiving OSAGO insurance payments, starting with the deadlines for filing and ending with a set of documents

What is OSAGO

Since 2003, Russian legislation has translated the resolution of conflict situations on the road into a civilized channel. Even if the culprit of the accident does not have the funds to compensate for the damage, the victim will in any case receive compensation from the insurance company that has signed a contract with the driver for compulsory motor third party liability insurance – OSAGO. By law, the car owner is obliged to insure the vehicle no later than five days after registration of ownership. Driving without a policy is prohibited. The absence of a document prevents registration with the traffic police. Therefore, the probability of meeting uninsured vehicles on the road is small.

What documents to provide

To receive compensation under the OSAGO policy, you must provide:

  • A written application for compensation for an insured event, written in any form.
  • Notice of a traffic accident (insert to the OSAGO policy). It is filled in by two participants in the accident, regardless of the fact that the traffic police were involved. If the culprit refuses to participate, you can draw up a paper unilaterally, indicating the reason for such an action.
  • A certificate of an accident, a copy of the protocol and a decision on an administrative violation indicating the culprit, if the accident was registered with the participation of the traffic inspectorate.
  • Original passport and a copy certified by a notary, driver’s license.
  • Bank details for receiving compensation. If payments are expected in cash, this fact is recorded in a written application.
  • Documents on the car – STS and PTS.
  • OSAGO policy with payment receipt.

To receive payments in full, it is important to provide all documents confirming the damage to the car and the costs of the driver

To receive payments in full, it is important to provide all documents confirming the damage to the car and the costs of the driver

If the victim is not the owner of the vehicle, then a power of attorney from the owner is required for the right to receive compensation. When compensation is sent in the name of a minor (sometimes this happens), it is necessary to provide permits from the guardianship authorities.

How does a vehicle inspection work?

By law, within five working days after filing the application, the victim must provide a car for inspection. If for objective reasons it was not possible to do this, the insurer is obliged to inspect the transport at the location – within the same five days. In agreement with the insurance company, the applicant can independently invite an expert for an assessment – the cost of the service will be included in the amount of loss.

If the accident is registered according to the Europrotocol, it is enough to provide a form filled out by two drivers

You can receive payments under OSAGO, even if the incident is registered according to the Europrotocol

Since representatives of insurance organizations are interested in minimum payments and often evaluate spare parts at the lowest cost, and turn a blind eye to serious damage, it is more expedient to invite an independent expert. This does not change the procedure for receiving compensation, but it may have a positive effect on the amount. A representative of an auto expert organization focuses on the cost of original components and real prices. Additional costs for this service will not exceed 5-10 thousand rubles, but they will seriously increase the amount of payments.

If you plan to call an expert from a third-party organization, notify the insurer no later than three business days. Is the representative office located in another locality? The period is extended to six days. Do not forget to inform the culprit: during the examination, the presence of all interested parties is mandatory.

The deadline for submitting documents to the UK is specified in the insurance agreement

If the reason for the delay in filing documents was a serious circumstance, for example, illness, then the denial of payments can be challenged in court

Is there an alternative to being in person at the UK office?

You can transfer papers to the UK not only personally, but also by registered mail or through an authorized representative of the insurer. Until recently, drivers did not have such an opportunity – they had to travel 100-200 km to get to the head office. Today, the right of postal forwarding is enshrined in law.

For preliminary familiarization of the insurer with the documents, the applicant can send them by e-mail. The insurance company is obliged to study the completeness and give an answer no later than three working days. It will not be possible to submit an application in this way – paper originals are required.

In what cases can payments be denied:

  • If the package does not contain a Resolution on an administrative offense from the traffic police, doubts arise as to the innocence of the applicant.
  • If the documentation for the vehicle is in a foreign language, since the owner is a foreign citizen, there will be difficulties in determining the ownership of the car. The law “On the state language of the Russian Federation” obliges to keep all documentation in Russian.
  • If the missing papers are not transferred after 30 calendar days from the date of application.
  • Sometimes the payment is denied due to the unfortunate mistake of the traffic inspector, who incorrectly rewrote the number of the OSAGO policy of the culprit. Fortunately, this problem is solved by fixing the error.
  • Policies can also be fake. Responsibility for what happened in this case falls on the shoulders of the culprit – the insurance company disclaims all obligations.
  • You should not count on a refund if the car has already been repaired, and instead of scratches and dents, you present receipts from a car service or if you drove a vehicle without a technical inspection.

After the insurer receives the last document, according to the law, he still has 30 days to pay out

Do not delay with the provision of documents for receiving payments, since the insurer has the right to defer payments for another 30 days

4 useful tips

  • After receiving the status of a victim on the road, it is necessary to exchange contacts with the second party: find out the insurance policy number, passport details, information about the insurance company.
  • Make sure that the certificate from the traffic police indicates all the damage caused to the vehicle.
  • Do not rush to repair the car before the examination, otherwise the sum insured will be seriously reduced or compensation may be denied.
  • If the results of the examination do not satisfy you, you have the right to initiate another examination. Even better – initially pay for the services of an independent expert.

Where and how to quickly receive compensation for OSAGO

If only two cars are involved in an accident, there are no victims and both drivers have valid OSAGO policies , you can contact your insurance company using the right to direct damages. The Russian Union of Motor Insurers will accept an application if the IC of the culprit has its license revoked or it is bankrupt, if the other party does not have a policy or the culprit has not been identified, subject to damage to life or health. In other cases, the path lies only in the IC of the guilty party on the territory of the accident or at the place of residence.

Under normal circumstances, payments are made within 20 working days from the date of submission of the application and documents. After this period, the applicant will receive insurance, a referral for repair, or a justified refusal. If a criminal case is initiated and the investigation is delayed, then the decision on the amount of compensation is made by the court.

To increase your chances of receiving full compensation, carefully read the terms of the insurance agreement and follow them. Be vigilant at the scene of the accident – keep track of every letter and number on the forms, do not rush to part with the original documents, make several copies. Refused to pay? Request a written reasoned explanation and consult with a lawyer about the next steps. There is sure to be a solution!

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